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The Project7 Agile Learning App integrates in-person training with rich digital media.

Consolidating, embedding and improving a participants learning experience

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What is the P7 Agile Learning App?

A portal for structured access to user-centred learning

Assists with embedding of additional knowledge and rationale behind a process methodology. Participants continue to be involved and engaged at a pace that matches their needs. This agility has been proven to offer the best outcome with regards to embedding and sustaining the transfer of knowledge.

  • Embeds learning
  • Moves information into long-term memory
  • Agile learning opportunity for each participant
  • Tracks participants understanding
  • Enables best practice dialogues
  • Acts as a resource portal

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Who uses our learning app?

About us

The team behind the app

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The Project7 Agile Learning App was created by listening to our clients and adapting to their needs. We are joint global performance improvement specialists and a communications agency who work with some of the world's leading companies. This agile learning application enables the on-going training, reviewing and embedding of knowledge – getting the most out of in-person training events.

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Evaluation Features
Communication Features

Why top performing organisations use the P7 Agile Learning App

  • Access Anywhere

    Fully optimised for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Easy to Use

    Just the right amount of Technology: Rich media, Discussion forums, built in email and certificate of completion.

  • Closed Loop Feedback

    Quizzes and surveys allow managers to sense-check delegates and confirm understanding of what is being asked of the employee.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Content can be converted to Rich media in 4 weeks. A complete bespoke platform ready to use in as little as 12 weeks.

  • Centralisation

    Online portal where communications, course materials and discussions can be kept centrally.

How we work...

The P7 Agile Learning App can support any in-person training/workshop events. The platform is specifically designed for large organisations with multiple site locations to help rollout and sustain processes, new systems and major change events.

Set Up

We determine the type of support that our platform needs to provide and set everything up to match your requirements.


We determine the right type of content - utilising various technologies to enhance the participants' experience.


Your platform is ready to support our Project7 (in-person) training/workshop events in under 12 weeks.

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